"I Shop With A Story .............."

"I Shop With A Story .............."


                      Stuck up in the middle of nowhere, after days of search in the Western Ghats for that serine peace for that search of soul. I started to wonder for the first time will I ever complete my novel!!. The life taught me so much. It has given me a tale, a new tale every single day. 

I looked at the ‘espirit‘ and my spirited soul was warned. I have a promise to keep! I have a New Year wish to fulfill!!

“Go wherever you want just be back here on the new year ever. I will introduce you to my family on my niece’s wedding. I know your thoughts are lost. I know you can’t think of love –‘our love’ now, still just be here for me”

I have a promise to keep…………

Bidding goodbye I started that 'custom 1600cc' and the machine roared signaling he is ready to be rode again.

The hill and the bike

(THE BIKER – dressed in sleazy cargo and a casual t shirt suits the rider with easy comfort ability needed for ride. The polo casual shoes with IDE sunglasses adds color to the ride. The wallet and the similar brown tanned espirit watch fits with the riding gear – he is a professional rider. Watch out for him.)

After trailing down the Western Ghats I quickly checked in for a shower.
Anna oru “masala tea”
Cherishing the tea I started back feeling the chill of early winter’s wind.

The windy casual ride back 

( A quick change – a more casual style, one that may not fit many bikers but that which always fits me – especially riding alone and not in brotherhood – a specially woven kurta fitting loosely over his body with a nice polo  straight fit and a trendy casual sandals will just ease the mind as he rides the heavy machine through the winds – just relax and enjoy )


Back in the “Cosmo- pollutant” noise and smoke blinded my ears and eyes. Suddenly I felt the Alienist rush. I reached home and after months. 

I stepped in.- there was this  single note  “ I THINK YOU WILL KEEP UP YOUR PROMISE.”

She has already left for the wedding ……………….. After a shave I got ready to meet my rich ‘In-laws’


(The wedding suit – after having worn the kurtha on a soulful windy ride; it is time to prove cut especially when trying to impress his In-laws.  The single breasted suit with formals and the matching enroute formal shoes with the Armani on left hand will definitely add that cut. The sliver cufflinks with a rev ring will add little effect to that cut. A little streaky brown done to the hair with a ‘loreal’ wet gel effect on hair will vividly enhance that cut. Yeah the perfume ….. ‘Black’ will further nourish that cut.)

And there she was like an angel, with beauty not comparable even with nature herself. She looked like a bride once again and when the spark in our eyes found it gaze upon me she cared nothing. She ran and hugged me …….. 

“It’s not our wedding dear.”  


                                  (The angel - she is a beauty, to enhance that beauty on a special day  - there is no dress to beat a classic – ‘the sari. With her tone being fair skinned a red embroidered lehanga will enhance her tone further; with diamond studded rings in her left fore and index finger with a bracelet in her right hand and a contrasting black trendy watch on her left. An infinity bangle turned into the arm brace on her left with classic diamond studded nose pins and black vialo diamond on her ears she will just be picture perfect. Added to it a carbon pendant brace in her neck –elegancy will have a new meaning now. Now a black haute curry foot wear with a blue hand worked bag in her hand will make it lovelier. Now to add tunes the lychee lipstick with Maybelline eye liner, incanto perfume and a Maybelline contrasting nail work will complete it.)

                             It’s been 2 years since she came out of her family for me.  Two years of hardships, she has managed it all. Not once I cared. I showed nothing but madness yet she bared. …. Love was lost she never asked why………. Two years ever since she met her mom and dad yet never she quilted.
She is an angel in my life never I had complemented though.

Back at home after a busy talk with ‘In laws’ who still haven’t lost that doubts in me. 

She was there cooking.
In her red satin.
I kissed her on her ears –
her favorite spot.
She shivered.
And whispered “I missed you ……”
“I love you”
I kissed and kissed her all night.
The loneliness has lost.
The loneliness that filled my soul for months
Dissolved …………dissolved in her presence.
“I had missed her.”

(A romantic night – in her red satin with matching underwired laced inners and he in his freedom feel Hanes boxers and a casual Tommy tee will defiantly define the tales of romance.)
The new year eve

                   The new year as at gates; my mind started to feel at ease.  The search within stopped its quest for a while ………. It’s time for a evening out.
We dressed up for the New Year eve evening with friends and later we planned for a club count down.

She – (the dress code)

(For a classic evening and a night club out – it is a little colorful and trendy to choose the chiffton water color dress; it will add vibrant colors in welcoming the New Year. The haute curry foot wears, the IDEE sunglasses with the pinky watch and a purple clutch in the hand it will further enhance the color. Simple sparkling sliders with a thin fashion jewel will further add colors. The night desire eye shadows lightly embedded with a lovely valentine velvet lip gloss and a light chocolate shaded hair with a Roberto cavali on will further blend and add to the mood and would be perfect for clubbing)


He – (The dress code)

(The man must match the women for a trendy outing – since she is little flashy the guy will be simple in trendy stretch fit dark jean with a light coloured t-shirt on top, the contrasting red color belt will add colors. The brownish casuals from jack and jones will finish it. To add on the shades with a classic look will be perfect for evening.and the heaven him perfume should add the luring touch)

The late night clubbing at the huge house was splendid in deed and the counting for New Year started.
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ………..

Happy new year …………………” she uttered hugging me.

“I love you……..” I whispered.


“I love you…………” I shouted silencing the whole blast around me.

I kissed her for a new beginning and there from the corner of her eyes little drops of tears flocked down welcoming that new beginning




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