Happy New Year

 Happy New Year

As the cirrocumulus painted a mackerel. 

As veil covering that mighty one,

Slowly paved away. It ringed a new bell.

And there he was smiling bright welcoming in a new tone.

A new year has born.

A new milestone in humanity’s long run.

A new smile has showered upon.

A new beginning has taken a tide in its own.

The year that has passed

And all that which has passed before

Had to tell tales so twisted.

Yet time has come to keep past ashore.

There were times we cried.

There were times we fought.

There were times we rejoiced.

There were times we sought.

Let alone the days so lonely.

Let alone the days so scary.
Remember the days so lovely.
Remember those  days that were crazy.

Together we walked.

Together we faced.

Some darkness and some ugliness never changed.

But we were strong and yeah we phased.

Let’s believe and let’s hope.

That goodness is all that to come;

Let’s believe and let’s hope.

And only goodness is all that will come.

As he raises and so will the goodness rise.

As the veil casts away and so will the darkness cast away.

The change is within us willing to rise.

The darkness is within us waiting to be shed away.

Let’s hold hands and walk together;

For a new beginning in this New Year.

Let’s hold hands and walk together;

For a happy and loving year ahead.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR ............."


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