BLOG ABOUT A SOCIAL CAUSE – a social cause; well I will here share with you my hearts story. The story about the journey my soul and heart took to finally identify it’s purpose – it’s real purpose.

Society - the change needed, the changes happening within, the change that need to happen is a long run.
Caste, Religion, race, poverty, inequality, violence on women are some ugliness which has been fought against for long. Environmental negligence, irresponsibility towards nature are some ugliness that has been fought by few for very long. Change is one thing that never stops changing.  Change is one thing that is always needed too.

Some changes are brought from within self, some changes are brought about by collective responsibility.
But to look at a new beginning, to look at wholesome change we need a broader understanding – is that change really possible?


Sometimes I wonder what is this human race made off? Is it just made off I, selfishness, pride and pleasure? Every creature from a little worm to a mighty elephant has some purpose put into itself and  everything lives for that purpose. But why this so called six sensed human race lives without any real purpose for it ?


  1. Hi Raja, I thought you would write about Yuva. But here, I found something different.
    I have written few lines (or say just two lines) about Yuva for the same entry .

  2. The whole question boils down to why we do things that we love doing. Is it because of some sort of selfishness? It's a good exercise to think.


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