I have an old friend and now he is my best foe.

He buys you comfort.
He buys you laziness.
He buys you chances.
He buys you ways.
He buys you success.

He can buy you food that you don’t want to eat.
He can buy things you don’t need.
He can buy you dresses you won’t wear.
He can buy you jobs.
He can buy you even life.

He can make you switch on air conditioner and put a blanket on.
He can make you have lights on at morning.
He can make you forget to turn your tap off.
He can make you take a car for your next street shop.
He can make you shop and make you throw what you bought.

 He can push your work faster.
He can push you higher.
He can push you harder.
He can push your anger.
He can push your blood pressure.

 He can give you diseases
He can give you tablets.
He can give you surgeries.
He can give you insomnia
He can give you fear.

He makes you lose friends.
He makes you lose relationships.
He makes you lose yourself.
He makes you lose self-esteem.
He makes you alone.

He makes you strain.
He makes you run.
He makes you mad.
He makes you restless.
He makes you sleepless.

He is called money.           
And he is no GOD.
He is an illusion.
He is a devil
And He is my foe.

 He can’t buy you love.
He can’t buy you peace.
He can’t buy you time
He can’t buy you happiness.
He can’t buy you purpose.

He make you forget nature.
He makes you forget you need air.
He makes you forget you need water.
He makes you forget you need earth.
He makes you forget your own soul.

Make him your foe too.
If not he will make us seize to exist.

"He is no god
 He is no good."

"He is a devil
 And he wears a veil."

"He is my foe
  Make him OUR FOE"


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