Life is a journey. In my journey of life, I have learnt and experienced many things. Through the people I met, through the places I traveled  from the society I face, from the other face of the same society; from the profession I choose, from the passion I live with, there are things that were learnt. Things both good and bad.
                          There are moments in life you are praised for what you are. There are moments in life you are cursed for what you are. Sometimes you are greeted for your choices. Sometimes you are chased for those same choices. Nevertheless, nothing can be done to it. “You are what you are. And it is you who should decide what you want you to be.” And when you make that choice, the one your heart desires; I am sure you will never regret it.
                          After 10 hrs of sitting before monitors seeing CT, MRI and USG, addressing nearly 100 patients and their issues I came home with a tired and sober mood. Sober isn't how you should feel when you help these patients in some way. But 10 continuous hours makes it a work. And any work so demanding is tiresome.  And sober I felt.

 I opened up my mail and started to scroll down the troll and there was this contest info from Indiblogger.
“IDEA CARAVAN? – I wondered what it could be.”

Opening the site I scrolled through the videos, waiting to pick one.
                           I, finally ended up closing the lap-top only after watching through all those amazing people. I am gracious for those moments I lived through. I am gracious I opened my mail, I am gracious for Indiblogger, I am gracious for Franklin Templeton investments and I am gracious for TEDX.

There are moments you feel you lost your last hope. There are moments when you were showered with hope.”
                          Today after learning from those amazing people, after hearing them speak. I was showered with that hope. And all those 17 videos meant a thing or other. Some spoke about passion, some spoke about useful science, some on innovative engineering. Some about addressing ground level social needs.

                         “I have an address”. –VSSM. “ We got them voter’s id”, Mittal patel. 
Dafer, nomads; where is the art of communities? Vadia –a village or more likely an industry to produce women for flesh trade?  And the sad truth is this is in Gujarat which boasts itself as rapidly growing state.

                        “Gendercide” –  India and china together kill more girls than born in america. The girl child killed in number is greater than all the genocides put together, greater than the death toll of world war I and world II together. And yeah the three deadliest words. “ IT’S A GIRL”.  Evan, it is so true what you spoke

People in India still wait for a boy child to be born. They plead me at times to reveal the sex of the baby. The want for a male child is still prevalent very much in the low socio-economic groups. And for the case stereotyping it exists in every root of the society. Women are the one who are constantly pointed at and pushed back

Nomads and women-hood in nomadic tribes are still in dark ages. I have some personal experience about nomads. In Trichy, southern India there are still nomadic settlements and these nomads are still 'Nomads'. The hardly get any education and that too girl children, they were never really exposed to any kind of schools.Mittal patel  needs a salute for her amazing work.’

“A book in every child’s hand”,novelty to be spoken. Pratam books and Rohini nilekani are just doing wonders, yeah another example how social networking could be worked, worked out positively.

Ruma roka – the women who spoke sign language. Isn't it amazing  she work for the community she don’t belong and she sense satisfaction for the goodness that is spread around.

                     This simple contest has given me loads of inspiration. It has let me know these people. Now I have a chance to collaborate with these minds which might take my vision and their vision  together forward.

                       Well, I should introduce myself here first; I am DR. Rajarajan  I am a radiologist. As a child I had dreams, dreams so vivid and colorful and dreams so wandering. These dreams wandered from building the “Worlds big animal shelter” to transforming a village by working with them. These dreams wandered by building a large bio-industry in my birth place to making INDIA the most powerful nation in the world.

                       At  about my 1st grade I identified my love. My one and only true love “INDIA”.
Yeah dreams did wander and dreams are too big. But it was all centered towards making  this society a better place to live in. It was all centered in helping people. So there I became a doctor probably my first step towards it.

                      In my third year  of M.B.B.S , I first started working with kids. ‘Minoli’, my friend. Again the  positive aspect of social net-working is my friend from Mumbai, the  friend who I never  met. She introduced me to a whole new world, and is my first mentor in working with kids. It is through her that I came associated with a N.G.O ‘YUVAUNSTOPPABLE’.

‘Yuvaunstoppable’ is a national level NGO started in Gujarat. And it is me and my friends at the age of 20 who started yuva activities in ‘Tamilnadu’.  Yuva basically works with under-privileged children. It is a volunteering organization so by working with kids, the volunteers do learn lot of things.

                       Now, it has been years since I started works with YUVA, to be precise it is 6 years. YUVA OR NO YUVA I would have been doing some kind of work towards my society, in ways I know. But Yuva gave me the right platform - a vision, an inspiration and motive to go further. 

                          For years when I said I want to work with kids, there has only been upteem opposing and array of questions from people around me specially my parents  but yeah their concerns and questions were right. And if it’s not for Yuva then maybe I would have lost my passion for this nation and these kids and maybe I would have become a selfish meddler trying to fit in this selfish society. Yuva has been my motivator; when I see many like me out here , portraying the will for a conservative change, I got the confidence I need. I got the belief I am not alone.

                          Today things have changed, today I am old than I was six years ago. Today my vision and passions are clear. My belief has gained esteemed levels. I always believed that I am not just born to live, earn, get a family, grow a child and die. I believed I have a purpose and that purpose and belief have only gained further with YUVA.  

What more you need? - A child comes to you with tears and says
" Thanks anna for all that you have done, I will definitely take up your words and become something in future". what more you need?  

Well in Tamilnadu apart from working with kids. Yuva and its volunteers address many of the issues that are stick here with.


Well here in our locality we have identified our little problems.  And we are trying to work towards it. Here is what we do

i) To provide education to under-privileged students & orphans
ii) Teaching curriculum has been devised for orphanages and slums in Trichy & Pondicherry and chennai
iii) Ensuring the continuity of education to boys & girls beyond 5th standard
iv) Providing the basic needs for education
v) Conducting competitions among the students to identify the talent among the students.
vi) setting up libraries in various child homes and municipal schools. We have already set two such wonderful libraries.

Well collaborating with people like Rohini we might be able to take that dream of “ A book in every child’s hand”, a little further.

Yuva and it works

i) To create awareness on the importance of environment
ii) Plant sapling distribution around the year & regular follow-ups to ensure that the person receiving the sapling is taking good care of the plant
iii) Campaigns during World Environment Day (5-June) to spread the message on harmful effects to environment by human beings & possible ways of reducing them
iv) Guest lectures to students of various schools, stressing upon the environmental facts.
v) campaign again plastics and campaign towards alternate energy.
vi) finding ways in reducing carbon foot print.

And yeah we could team, borrow, share ideas with people like ‘JAAO’and people like ‘MATT’ in putting this science into meaningful little projects here in deep South India.



i) Started with the sole motive of "Festivals or important occasions are not only meant for the rich, but even the poor should get the privilege of celebrating them"
ii) New dresses for poor children during occasion such as Diwali (or) New year
iii) Celebrating the festivals along with the orphanage (orphan or under-privileged) children to bring out the joy among the little hearts

                         Apart from this we do try and address health issues and health sector issues The modern world have given us a new term “ Health Business” . Bribe, corrupt, marketing, greed is all that have become essential part of doctors and hospitals. From Pharma industries to scan centers everywhere these exists. We do try and spread awareness towards it. We are also trying to team with another NGO and ASHAs and go from village to village to address the health issues.

                        I am sure SOCIAL BLOOD and ‘karthik’s’ efforts will be of great use if we can make the villagers participate in it and if it is possible to set some kind of database then it becomes very easy to tackle the shortage of blood.

Democratize health care” –Wow these are real two big words. If we can really do that then it is the best revolution the world has ever since. But to democratize healthcare we need to fight a hell lot of a people.  Innovation is a key to success well “ Myskin’s “ photoplethysomogrpahy can really do wonders if it actually gives a reliable read. We will definitely take his idea forward.

                      Well for sure these are ideas worth to be shared and yeah we will let these ideas complement us and we will let these ideas grow with us.

“The uneducated of 21st century is not the one who does not know to read or write but the one who doesn’t wish to gain or spread knowledge.”

Thanks again for the wonderful ideas………………..

Whether it is Cynthia’s spinning wheel or Suprio’s chlorination system or Sekar’s low cost house all that taught me one thing. The entire world is not with cuddled with selfish purpose-less people. It has in it people with vision people who see and hear different too.

It has further motivated me and hey it’s half past mid-night now. Sober, me? You must be kidding. My body has re-energized. My cells has repaired. I am fresh and ready to work towards my purpose.

Hey CYBORG man I will try and see music from now on and I will try and hear paintings from now on. …………………………… Anything is possible right?

The journey of Life is long and I have identified my purpose in it - my purpose is it a make better humans, to make a better society, a better place to live with. I started it with me will continue it from me and will make as many better souls as possible. I hope one day this world will see no-inequality and every kid born on this society will have the right to happiness. And one day I hope this world will see “LOVE as a universal GOD and not MONEY"

For those of you who is wondering on what I am speaking here go on and check www.ftideacaravan.com and visit those videos there.

Hey I, we,  have found our problem to live a meaningful life. Look around and identify one among those many problem. It is about the right time you open your blind eyes. 

i will leave you here with some videos ............some more videos.............

                                       chain of happiness 2012

written for the indiblogger idea caravan contest


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