Sometimes it makes you grow.
Sometimes it make you low.

Attitude can make you feel high.
Attitude can make you feel why!

Important it is at times!
Unearthly it is at times!

Have no attitude towards money
Have one not to bend to money.

Have no attitude towards power.
Have an attitude to help thee poor.

Have no attitude of 'Me' 'Myself'
Have an attitude towards 'we' 'ourselves'

Have no attitude in humiliating others.
Have an attitude towards humility.

Attitude can build yourself.
Attitude can destroy yourself.

I often wondered if having an attitude is wrong?
This attitude, which often defines your character, is this good or wrong?

'Bossy attitude' a furious example for this is what I have been seeing over the past month. I believed this furious attitude has been developed by the 'belief' that oneself has over himself which again I believed has been developed by the status he has achieved ( the status either through money or power). This kind of an attitude can be seen with C.E.O's, M.D'S and others in authoritarian position.

Today, I was shocked to see a 19 yr young girl who has come for a CT scan showing such an attitude towards my technician for asking 'history of her illness'. "You have no business to ask it"

Attitude can be good or bad. It can be a positive out look; on the same hand it can have a negative turn around too.

So then there is something called 'Good attitude' and something called ' Bad attitude'.

Before getting a eye into the good or bad side of attitude we shall have a psychological analysis.
Being a doctor and seeing various kinds of people everyday; I believe, attitude arises from lot of factors like the economical background, educational background, the way, surrounding and environment in which they have grown up, things and struggle they have gone through and the things they have learned in life.

'It also depends on one's confidence and ability.'

 Attitude is a portrayal of one's inner self. Attitude can tell us the life story of a person. It is the representation of one' past and present.

Basically the mind undergoes a series of analysis, assess itself and decides a mannerism which portrays outside as a attitude.

You can see guys with no passionate drive seeking a 'rowdy' attitude. This is kind of a rebellious attitude. His drive here in life is his 'belief' that people fear him. It is his show of hatred towards his society and family.
Now the attire here might differ between economical situations but the mannerism is same.

For instance 'the 19 yr old girl', she is still a kid becoming an adult. At this age who has taught or asked her to be rude towards her fellow beings? It is again a rebellious attitude. An attitude that was developed mainly as aggression towards her parents. If we can go back and analyze her life, she would have missed something called love in life.

'Rather than being angry at her I just pity her at her status.'

You can see this 'bossy attitude', very common in our society. This arises from once own false belief that ' he' is everything. The truth not only the C.E.Os develops this. Even a guy running a  family develops this for he belief that family is his control. People develop this kind of attitude because of their false belief that they are everything.

But for reality they are nothing. People who have gained heights through knowledge and compassion never develop this. They develop compassion, humility and a tendency to help as attitude. You can have in-numerous examples for this Abdul kalam, Mahatma Gandhiji, Vivekanda, Therasa and the list can go on...

Why is this difference? People who achieved real heights are those who have understood life and have realized a purpose in life. 

'You can see people bend and salute'. This is the attitude they have developed for they started to believe this is their way to survive.

"You can see people never bend with their self respect" for this is the attitude they have mostly inherited through young age surroundings and learning.

Sometimes attitude can take you to heights; for example Mother therasa, her compassion in helping others made her great.

Sometimes the attitude only can dug you down, for example 'Adolf hitler'.

Attitude I believed is inherited. This attitude though inherited can be changed.

So change your attitude today to the one called 'good attitude'.
Change it to the one with compassion and humility.
Change it to the one which can make you groe.

Happy living ..........cheers.............


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