In Search Of That Faded Hope:

Chasing down, that faded hope of life.
I found him in the midst of herculean mass!
He Rose;  the mighty one with a glistening shine.

He painted the blue carpet orange. He showered
Gold; upon those tired waves hoping all night.
To the veil of darkness – he marked her end.

After that mid-night rain; mother bird stretched its wings with hope.
The little worm and the tiny insects swam back to highland.
The tall ones shook their head leaving tiny drops of pearl on earth.

The six sensed peddlers were back peddling their daily chores.
I found hope; he who is mighty taught me,
“Life has hope bestowed with;  Life is hope”.

The mighty one exists there all day; but we see him one part of the day.
Even hope is everywhere, life is everywhere.
But we fail to see it every time.

Let the life that has to be lived;be lived.
and not just passed by.
Come lets live what is ours


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