INDIA terribly needs a leader ….


            Supreme Court commutes death sentence for Rajiv Gandhi's killers to life…..NDTV face book page blinks with a news. 

                          The death penalty of Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan was commuted .  This is indeed a big verdict.  A verdict which will go down in the long run history of ‘INDIA’. The killers or the ones who helped the killers or was convicted guilty in the assassination of a nation’s prime minister was commuted from the death penalty.

                          Since they have already served enough years in prison. It is up to the state government to even release them. So speculations say they could be out of prison soon.
This was a Tuesday when this historic verdict came. Some Tuesdays back the supreme court gave a another verdict commuting death sentence of 15 other people. Among those who have been granted relief are four aides of slain sandalwood smuggler Veerappan — Meesekar Madaiah, Gnanaprakash, Simon and Bilavendran . The reason that was behind both scenarios were same, ‘Delay in executing the punishment.’.

                         “Delay is a ground for commuting death penalty to life sentence”, “Undue, inordinate and unreasonable delay in execution of death sentence does certainly attribute to torture which indeed is in violation of Article 21 and thereby entails as the ground for commutation of sentence. 

                         I am not aware of ‘True truth’ in any of the cases. I was told the convicts in RAJIV assassination were innocent. And I believed so. The verdict is good from my point of view.
Now the issue is not commuting the death sentence. And the point of this write up is not that too ..I opened the NDTV fb page and scrolled the comments section.

                      I expected a comment war between north Indians and south Indians or preferably tamils. And as expected the comment war was happening there.The discussion on verdict with tamils supporting it and many north Indians against it were on. The topic gradually shifted and it was no more just comments.

                     It was reflecting the soul of various individuals. Most of the comments reflected the true nature of Indian society.

 “ Kangaroo government’, ‘Banana government’ was some of the mocking absusive words used against the Indian government. 

                   The point of discussion came as Afzal guru. “Why Afzal has to be hanged, when some convicts in brutal assassination of a prime minister can be spared?”.

The topics were HINDU-MUSLIM; Kashmir and to my surprise many kashmiri muslims spoke agitated and anguished. They demanded freedom from India

“ Freedom is our birth right and we shall not leave even a stone unturned until we achieve it” -Some student from Kashmir. 

“ Not all muslims are terrorist but most terrorists are muslims” – some guy

“ Muslims and Pakistani terrorists are the reason for kashmiri pundits being made orphans in their own land.”

“Rise India, America and England against the Muslim terrorists”

“Namo is the next P.M. – we need a nationalist not a secularist.” 

“Na mo successfully conduct the carnage against muslims for the burning of Hindu pilgrims. Now he is needed to control the same nation wide.”

These are some comments that were there. It was mostly commented by students.

                 To see this it is really disheartening and worrying. There is not one neutral comment there. It is like a war, war between kashmiri’s and hindus, the muslims and Hindus, Muslims and ’na mo’ supporters. The state of my country and the status of its society were more disheartening. 

Where is the country that preached love?
What could be the reason for all this?
Is India failing as a nation together? 

          As  a nation India is divided; divided into regions and barriers. The problems and issues are also regional and it is not reached or addressed throughout the country. The problems faced by the northeast people or the kashmiri’s does not reach tamilnadu. The cross country issues of tamil fishermen is not addressed in north. The people don’t raise together for regional issues. 

As a result the country is like isolated many parts. 

The reason I could find behind all this is lack of a true leader or more precisely true leadership.

Till now, the congress was there to blame for everything –from kerosene to kashmir we blamed the congress. If it is congress the soul reason for every social injustice then now it is the time to fight them. 

But to fight, Do we have an alternate?
Is their a leader? A leadership to lead us?
The ‘alternate posed ‘ just happens to be a choice and the choice is threatening in breaking the secularity of this very nation.

If so what are our choices? Will arvind kejriwal serve as one and give us hope? 

Time is to answer? … 

Till then the leader and the leadership will be long awaited to unify this nation as one....



  1. Are you sure about Kejriwal? Leadership is about doing the best you can with what you have rather than wanting everyone to do what you like. He was not very convincing as CM of Delhi. He first has to prove himself in a small capacity and show perseverance and dedication. Threats and blackmail are not the weapons of a responsible leader.


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