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"A LOVE IN MAKING  . ................."'HE':

Today,  I Will say her
I will say her my 'love'
I have prepared to face her.
I have prepared for my 'love'

She is a friend at times. 
She is a foe at most times. 
She becomes my mother sometimes. 
She becomes 'me' most of the times.

What will I do without her?
If not her shoulder; where will I, pry upon?
What will dream about?, if not her.
If not her eyes; where will I look upon?

But what if she rejects ?
What if she thinks wrong?
I don't know what she expects!
But what if I loose her for long?

Risky or not, no-more I bother. It is today
Or never. For there exists no other day.


I, can feel the moment.
I smile but I am not sure why I do that!
I see the clock ticking; but I stay dormant.
Silence prevails between us  like a defat.

"I want to give you something"
"I  too wanted to give something to you"
 I took my bag and opened the string.
 She took out a card and handed me, &…