"A LOVE IN MAKING  . ................."


Today,  I Will say her
I will say her my 'love'
I have prepared to face her.
I have prepared for my 'love'

She is a friend at times. 
She is a foe at most times. 
She becomes my mother sometimes. 
She becomes 'me' most of the times.

What will I do without her?
If not her shoulder; where will I, pry upon?
What will dream about?, if not her.
If not her eyes; where will I look upon?

But what if she rejects ?
What if she thinks wrong?
I don't know what she expects!
But what if I loose her for long?

Risky or not, no-more I bother. It is today
Or never. For there exists no other day.


I, can feel the moment.
I smile but I am not sure why I do that!
I see the clock ticking; but I stay dormant.
Silence prevails between us  like a defat.

"I want to give you something"
"I  too wanted to give something to you"
 I took my bag and opened the string.
 She took out a card and handed me, " for you"

" I took the card 
And I ran like a nerd. "


Drawn my his muse
I sit in trance most of the times
Playing vivid tunes to his clause
I  laugh, smile, admire him most of the times.

Not sure if he really knows my heart.
Not sure if he feels same about me
Not sure what is there inside his heart.
Not sure why he reacts like undone art.

All this, this jeopardy started with this wedding.
A wedding I obliged only to know him altogether. .
All this doubts never existed before this wedding.
I felt he and me are meant to be together.

Silence is what he has given me!
Will he be happy to be away from me?
How can he see another man take me?
How can he think he can get away from me?

Today, I will make him speak
Today is the day, for there exists not a another day to seek.


He is there right before me.
He is the one I want to hold on for ever.
His eyes speak his love for me
But why he hides it inside forever?

"I want to give something to you"
"I  too wanted to give something "
"I took out the 'card', the one I wrote all night with my heart. " for you"
 He took his bag and opened the string.

"He took the card
And left me in tears"

HE :

She is the one; the one that kept my heart.
I opened that card.
That card spoke her heart; 
The one that was kept barred.

"You idiot, why can't you say your love."
"Don't you understand that I am yours?"
"Do you think that I will live without you and your love?"
"Can you live without me"; forever I am yours?


He is the one that stole my heart.
He is the one I live for!
But now? He left me in tears apart.
I opened that bag,the one he left for.

Simple and straight he kept it.
A ring, a bunch of rose and a card
Simple and straight as he always keeps it.
"Marry me", the card read. 


We ran; for our love.
With tears we met.
We hugged to each other in love.
"We never said, our love yet".

Words not spoken.
Love not conveyed.
But we became one, the one not to be broken.
Hearts became one causing catharsis;  love never conveyed.

"Our love was never expressed. 
But then yeah,"  love is best felt than expressed. "

Written for threewordwednesday
Words used "Cathartic, Jeopardy, Risky"

Images taken from internet
(Thanks for the wonderful images; sorry for not giving due credits.)


  1. hi..nice to read ur work after a loooong time. it's very beautiful!!! the trepidation on both sides when it comes to expressing their love and the unbound joy thereafter is well potrayed...congratulations. :) pls write more often..:)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Good to see your comment too :). . will write from now on regularly


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