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You and me, We fight like old married couples. We argue, we complain and many times we lock horns. We both are quarrelsome.
You and me, We are different.  Our likes and dislikes differ. We both are two opposite poles.
You and me, Yet are destined to be with each other. The way we met and the way we stayed. We both are meant to be with each other.
You and me, Fought with each other. But the next moment,
we were in each others embrace.
We both are meant be in each others embrace forever.

You and me,
Said many times it is end of our relation.
But then can we ever stay apart?
We both are meant to be together forever.

You and me,
know we love and crave for each other.
Care not my past nor yours.
We both are meant to love forever. 

You and me,
What more do we need.
When we have our love to sing aloud.
We both are the meaning to our life.

You and me,
Liberal and loyal in our love.
Happy and united forever.
We both are meant to be 'we both'

You and me,
Our 'Uncertainties' should cease to exist.
For w…



I have a corner
The corner that I cuddle
The corner that I confine
The corner that I seek when not to divulge

I have a corner
That corner is where I feel comfort
That corner is where I cry
That corner is where my space is born

I have a corner
Where I go when I have no words to explain
Where I go when I have no hope of restrain.
Where I go when I feel godlessness around.

I have a corner
You, her, him are not allowed in it
You, her, him beware not to push me there.
You, her, him beware, for you can never get me out of there.

"I have a corner
The one you may feel 'insignificant'

But I have my corner
And I own it deep inside me"


Written for threewordwednesday
words used divulge, insiginifcant, godless
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Caught in a 'coffee shop"

Caught in a 'coffee shop" 
In an early evening sun; with overnight hunger ringing bells. I stopped over for evening lunch.
It’s a simple vegetarian restaurant not the cozy coffee shop kind which is used with people sitting for hours.
The place was  simple and so it tasted too….. Simple and homely.  With few people around the corners. The place wasn't that busy at that time.
I was having my’ dosa’ and was waiting for the’ madarasi’ filter coffee to arrive.There was this sudden change in weather, the rain clouds started circling the sky and soon the sun who is scorching heat  is totally gone missing. As I rushed to get out, it started raining. It was pouring soo heavy and to add on the sky stated to play its music with thunder claps and lightening.
With nowhere to go I decided to wait till the rain gods decides to pave me way. I called up and said I will be late. I ordered another coffee for the time to pass.
Now, slowly the crowd has started to walk in, most of them due …



6.00 AM, the alarm rang. She looked like an angel.I kissed in her fore-head, careful enough not to wake her up. 
Now on it’s a routine. I took a bath in that broken shower and that early winter chillness sent a shiver through my body. I was in time for my 6.45 train. By then she was up and packing my break fast. With a smile she gave my coffee. I took it, kissed her and my little one growing in her womb.
“Leave the Job today, he is nine months now" “I will”, she said.
'I know she won’t listen. She has taken all this difficulty for too long. One day I promise her of a better life.'
I walked and ran to reach the station; only to see the train already moving.
Finally, I thumbed in at 7.29, a minute more and I loose my half day salary. 
I work in this famous scan center, in the busy city of Chennai. “Health care is business today and scan center is no exclusion”.
10.30 AM and the M.D called.
“Good morning, sir”
“What work do you do?” “What do I pay yo…