Caught in a 'coffee shop"

Caught in a 'coffee shop"  

In an early evening sun; with overnight hunger ringing bells. I stopped over for evening lunch.

It’s a simple vegetarian restaurant not the cozy coffee shop kind which is used with people sitting for hours.

The place was  simple and so it tasted too….. Simple and homely.  With few people around the corners. The place wasn't that busy at that time.

I was having my’ dosa’ and was waiting for the’ madarasi’ filter coffee to arrive.There was this sudden change in weather, the rain clouds started circling the sky and soon the sun who is scorching heat  is totally gone missing. As I rushed to get out, it started raining. It was pouring soo heavy and to add on the sky stated to play its music with thunder claps and lightening.

With nowhere to go I decided to wait till the rain gods decides to pave me way. I called up and said I will be late. I ordered another coffee for the time to pass.

Now, slowly the crowd has started to walk in, most of them due to rain. I started to gaze around and started observing the people around me.That simple room was now mixed with vivid colors of people.

There were two couples, probably meeting out after a tired day sharing their love and day with each other.
One was in their romantic and impulsive mood, they were laughing, giggling and were enjoying that evening shower together.

There was this couple just besides me. They were probably in their early twenties and they were having a serious argument over facebook.

“You are talking to her? How can you like her picture?
Even that day I saw your phone; you have sent her good morning wish but you never responded to my messages”

Hmm.. love and its nuances; it is always special and warming to hear.

'It is wrong to overhear conversations', I know. but you can’t resist it. I can’t avoid a laughter hearing them and their fights. 

‘How much facebook and phone is influencing us these days?’

There was this family around the other corner tired from their journey. The dad, mom and their two girls were busy relaxing; probably they had their tiring day.

The more exquisite of all were a bunch of old men. Retired, in early seventies were they and from their attire and familiarity with the place I can guess they are regulars here. They are probably there for their evening meeting discussing the past and relishing it memories. Caught up in that burst of shower they only seem to enjoy more.

Around the other corner was a man completely drenched carrying a huge parcel in hand. He is a courier guy hoping rain will not spoil his delivery.

There was an another family there, a young married couple with their twin babies clung in their shoulder and an old woman probably the guys mom.

Everybody in that group would have had different thoughts. For me the rain should end soon so I can reach my work. For those romantic couples they would have wanted the evening to go on forever and ever.
For the guy taking a beating from his girl, he would have wanted to run away as fast as he can.

The rain didn’t seem like stopping..........And people decide to take a move.

The guy with twin babies took turns with his umbrella held high in taking his mom and wife to his car. The babies were clung protectively and taken in turns too in his moms and wife shoulders.The bunch of ’ young’ old men did the same. Paired they walked under umbrella holding hands. Like little school kids out in a world with no worries. They walked pushing each other and playing in water.

'The sun decided to take an break too; hidden by clouds thus far it came back to wave for me one last until tomorrow.'

That sky was painted orange, a glistening shine was sent through those dark clouds and the rain showers were pouring in from it. It looked like someone is “pouring gold from above”.  I was sitting in trance watching nature at its best. 

The couples now started to move one by one.
The ones fighting were now in romance. After all it is  fights that makes love more romantic….
And the ones romancing were literally dancing, the girl was playing and was getting into the rain.  The Guy trying to be protective was trying to prevent her from getting wet.

In this short span how many people I met. I will not see them anymore but they were there in that moment of my life. Each had a different story, each had a different life, a different thought. Reason for their sadness or happiness differed. Nevertheless we are all bound there by that rain.  

It was so much like our society. Every individual is different. Their strive and success are different. No two here will think alike every time. Yet we are all bound together for reasons. May be that is the purpose of our life - To live together, help each other and smile together. Most of the times until we are faced upon something we don’t realize it.

Think about it …a strangers smile will it not bring a cheer into you?

The ones finally left was the courier guy with his huge luggage, the restaurant workers and me.
All of us have one thing in common, we wanted the rain to stop.
The reasons are different - delivery, business and for me not to get wet to work .

We looked at each other and smiled… meant the rain is not going stop. 

I walked straight not caring anymore about the rain or getting wet.The cold breeze kissed my cheeks and the rain shower fell over me as if the rain gods are blessing me;' they blessed me a little heavy though'. 

Within seconds I was drenched and within in seconds there is an unexplainable feel within- a sense of happiness, a sense of purpose shivered through.

Parting with my short term relatives; the ones which I may never see again I started my bike.
There was this hotel worker, a stranger. He was pushing the water aside.

He bid me and said “ pathu ponga ( go safe)”.  I gave him a smile and nodded

Feeling so happy I rode with the rain god blessing me all the way…………..

( That same time in the other part of the city a 11 storey under construction building collapsed claiming more than 60 lives. They were construction workers, migrants trying to fit in this society and strive. Each one of them would have had a different story and struggle to tell)



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