6.00 AM, the alarm rang.
She looked like an angel.I kissed in her fore-head, careful enough not to wake her up. 

Now on it’s a routine. I took a bath in that broken shower and that early winter chillness sent a shiver through my body. I was in time for my 6.45 train. By then she was up and packing my break fast. With a smile she gave my coffee. I took it, kissed her and my little one growing in her womb.

“Leave the Job today, he is nine months now"
“I will”, she said.

'I know she won’t listen. She has taken all this difficulty for too long. One day I promise her of a better life.'

I walked and ran to reach the station; only to see the train already moving.

Finally, I thumbed in at 7.29, a minute more and I loose my half day salary. 

I work in this famous scan center, in the busy city of Chennai.
 “Health care is business today and scan center is no exclusion”.

10.30 AM and the M.D called.

“Good morning, sir”

“What work do you do?”
“What do I pay you for?”
“And you are managing in-charge, my foot”
“I need my collection today; if not you get out of here”

It's holidays, no internal cuts for referring doctors and yeah “Business is dull”


“Hello where is my report?
“I am waiting for a hour now”
“Look at your face, answer me something.”

And that’s a patient.

I felt like saying ‘get lost.’
“ Sir, please wait  I will collect your reports”

The radiologist is busy in some procedure. If I ask him he will shout. If I don’t the patient will shout and then the M.D., will shout.

“ Sir, report”

“ What report? , I will give the report when it is ready”
 “Now get lost”

It’s 3.30 pm and another  patient was shouting now in ultrasound.
Not now..........

I called the doctor. 

“ Sir there is a patient waiting for USG”

“ My duty is over and I am leaving.”
“ The evening duty doctor will do.”
“ Sir, please.”

“Who asked you to register?’
“ See I have a home too”
“ I cant care about your center and about filling your collection box alone”

Yeah my center....

I couldn't take it anymore. I took a paper and wrote my resignation as fast I could.

It is enough for me here in this business center.

I took the letter and walked straight to the M.D office. As I was waiting my phone ran.

“ You are a daddy now”
“ Her membranes ruptured and she delivered”
“ We have been trying to reach you from morning”
“It’s a boy”

And those tears ran down like a stream.

I tore the letter and walked back to my desk.

There was an another patient/customer.

'I muffled my tears and welcomed him with a smile'

Thanks for visiting sir, “ How can I help you?”

Written for feminafastfiction contest

Image source- internet; cannot find source to give credits


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