You and me,
We fight like old married couples.
We argue, we complain and many times we lock horns.
We both are quarrelsome.

You and me,
We are different. 
Our likes and dislikes differ.
We both are two opposite poles.

You and me,
Yet are destined to be with each other.
The way we met and the way we stayed.
We both are meant to be with each other.

You and me,
Fought with each other. But the next moment,
we were in each others embrace.
We both are meant be in each others embrace forever.

You and me,
Said many times it is end of our relation.
But then can we ever stay apart?
We both are meant to be together forever.

You and me,
know we love and crave for each other.
Care not my past nor yours.
We both are meant to love forever. 

You and me,
What more do we need.
When we have our love to sing aloud.
We both are the meaning to our life.

You and me,
Liberal and loyal in our love.
Happy and united forever.
We both are meant to be 'we both'

You and me,
Our 'Uncertainties' should cease to exist.
For we can't Profane our real love.
If it is not 'we both 'then you and me cease to exist. 


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Words used  Liberal  Profane Quarrelsome


  1. Marriage is like travelling by boat you must expect a few rocky moments, but it is still best to hang on to each other. (p.s. in your first verse I think you meant "like' instead of "light").

  2. The path of true love never runs smooth...always worth a shot though!

  3. It is within these smooth and rocky paths you find love and get the strength to sustain it.

    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life


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