MEN VS WOMEN (PART 2)
                                                                Men and women part 2

                                      The world of men and women is quite intriguing to each other. So here I am after taking a break for all worldly maneuvers sighting health as my reason. I take up into the world of men and women a second time. Here again with no one to discuss or argue I am going to take it on the way I want.

                                       Men and women – The two different worlds with two different alter egos is often complex for each other to understand. My thought on writing up this article came up after visiting a girl’s condo in Kuala Lumpur.

                                       There are five girls with quite different ethnic background staying there; an Indian with ‘South-Indian Telugu base, a Malay Indian, two Malay girls and a Bangladeshi girl’. While entering itself the condo- apartment room sent in a sweet aroma. The small door lobby was decored with signs “remove your shoes here”. The shoe rack was neatly stacked. The living room and kitchen was so organized that you barely believe that people are living in there.

                                        I visited my ‘girl’there and so her room too. It was most beautifully made room that I saw in recent times. Bed spreads and blankets matched to room color. Cup-boards and shelf’s stacked in the most perfect manner it should be. Ward-robes neatly made and the toiletry dry and clean. The cosmetics and shampoos filling up the toilet wardrobes, it would really be an alien environment for any male gender. 

                                        The most intriguing part comes next. The girls share a common fridge and kitchen. Two of these girls least cook regularly and they even stack their food in the fridge for two-three days. As a girl’s fridge will be it is stacked with juices, ice-creams, milk, ready-made stews and stuffs. (Well from where these girls find time and money to do all this is really a myth). The thing is the girls are so well mannered that they don’t touch each other’s stuff. I mean…well… come this is possible?

                                        I was taken back into my college days; both in under and post graduation I had a single room. But never was it a single room by purpose, always my room will be shared by friends and there will be least one or two sleeping together there.

                                        For us television movies and sports was always ‘together’. A shared bathroom means, apart from tooth brush and soap everything else is shared. You buy a shampoo, Paste or whatever, it is shared by everyone and its used till the very last of it is remaining. Cleaning toilets? We never squander over that; everyone take turn to clean it once a week J

                                       My shirt is your shirt, your perfume is mine, my watch is yours, your coolers are mine….guys world is different. Heated arguments -sometimes studies..sometimes sports..sometimes politics…..nevertheless it is arguments. And coming to the fridge part….really u keep water in it, that even won’t stand for another hour. “Machi you had coke eh?” “I drank it da…”. And the empty bottle will be thrown right at your bed.  Even if four new guys started to share a room, hardly it will take a month for them to get along and become machis.

                                      Modern world have changed, the rise of cosmetics and women’s interest on it!! There is rise of cosmetics on men side too with men now becoming more self aware. The likes and dislikes of the two alter egos now criss cross each other for example women’s love on automobiles too. 

Although these two worlds cross each other; they are far different from each other. No woman can understand a man completely and no man can understand a woman completely.
Now when this two different alter ego’s meet and if they share to live a life together, how will it be?

The girl:
Why you are keeping your leg towards pillow side?
err..You are spoiling the bed sheet.
Yesterday only I washed this pillow cover L
Can’t you change your soap?
Can’t you buy and keep stuffs at home?
The guy:
Why are you making a fuss about these small things?
Are you so perfect?  You don’t even wash utensils. I help you doing so.

The girl:
Where is the car? Why you gave it to your friend again?
One more time if something happens to it… that’s it
The guy:
After all it is a car and for me it used to be like this only na.

The girl:
I need to go to shopping today.
Can you come with me?
The guy:
I have a meeting to attend today/ there is this cricket final today.

Are you coming for a late evening ride, a dinner and a romantic movie together?
Till dinner it is ok…night movie I can’t come.

How is the food?
It is ok.
What you mean ok? … I cooked whole day for you.
Did I ask you too? We could have gone nicely for the Italian restaurant. They have offers too.

I am in class, bored, frustrated.
If you are in class listen to class, otherwise quit class and go home.

Girl :
My slippers are torn.
So what mine is torn for months; Go and buy a new one.
But this is my favorite.
Then I will buy you the same color.
Will you ever understand me?

My business is collapsed.
I told you before starting itself.
You should concentrate in one thing.
Have you  ever been there for me?
Did I leave you and go because your business is loss?
You can never appreciate what I do for you!!

From toilet items ( half the things in women's toilet men wont recognize), laundry needs, travel needs(have you seen a man packing for trip and a woman packing for trip?) to sexual needs and romantic needs men and women are different. 

"I want her not to be fussy yet cuddle with me and cry telling her problems"
" I want her to give me guidance yet not overlook me as being weak"
"I want her to be self sustained but not earning more than me"
"I want her to love me yet expect not crazy love from me"

" I want him to be responsible and decisive yet I don't want him to give suggestions and advises too much"
"I want him to do things yet find time for me"
" I want him to be spicy in sex yet not be overdosing it"
"I want him to understand me and hold me yet i want him at times to allow me do what I want."
" I want him to be understanding me and my needs yet he should expect me to understand all his non-senses."

                             No relationships will be perfect in any aspect. The alter ego of being guy and girl will always interfere. The alter ego of one another will always interfere. As a matter of fact of if you call some relationship being perfect without fights and arguments then that relationship is totally fake. It means you hide each other so much to make that relationship perfect.

                            All guys are not same in every aspect. But for every guy there is something that’s same. Every guy pushes up towards something and tries to achieve something. For some it is family, for some it is personal goals, for some it is business, for some it is society but they always keep themselves targets.

                           All girls are not same in every aspect. But in most aspects they are same. Girls of this age do push, strive for achievement and many even single-handedly run families but still their prior need is love.

                          If instead of being over thoughtful on why your partner/spouse behaves other way and if you start exploring into their world you will eventually have a wonderful experience in life.  

A hug and “I am here” will help a lot rather than rattling blame and rather than showering advises
After all its one life that you are bestowed to live. If you add up a little bit more spice and romance and cut down a bit of running, what wrong in that?

                           If instead of adjusting with each other, if instead of hiding each other emotions and if instead of killing one another likes. If you just start to compliment more, understand more, fill each other more; then life is going to be a beautifully blessed heaven.

                          No one is perfect in this world. Everyone has flaws, instead of steering into those flaws just fill in those flaws. Don’t even adjust…start to love and enjoy.

I love her snoring… I love him cooking smoked food… I love her crashing my car….I love him buying me stupid dresses which I never wear….I love his cricket…..I love her pyarri movies…I love her being fussy…I Love him being careless…. I Love her being possessive… I love him when he keeps forgetting…I love her world of cuisine and cosmetics… I love his world of books….I love his dogs.. I love her cats…I love his mom…I love her nanny.

                        If you need a perfect someone like you or least near perfect someone like you in life then you either become gay or lesbian. Even then two individuals won’t be alike. Remember men and women are always different. Remember he and she are always different. Remember only opposite poles attract.

                        And remember only you both are going to be one soul in two bodies for life-  fighting, sharing, crying, craving, biting and loving. There is no one that will come along – your friends, relatives or even your kids. No-one but you both go along with each other till the very end.

                      So instead of complaining and breaking a relationship or instead of even adjusting and living a frustrated life together for fifty years just start loving and filling each other… that way you will a life together and you will live it happily together.

                   Say for 25 years you lived your life in the way you know, try by starting to live the next 25 in ways you have never known (in the way he/she knows)… it will be a new world with a new intriguing experience.


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