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Bonded in the audacity of love

You are the one.
The one that I need.
The one that I seek.
And the one that I hold. 

You are the one.
The one my eyes beseech.
The one my body longs.
And the one my soul searches. 

You are the one.
The one; I choose, be a slave with.
The one; I chose, be clasped with.
And the one; I choose, be bonded with. 

You are the one.
The one that I will never leave.
The one that I will never let 'leave'.
And the one that I will never let 'shed'.

You are the one
The one that I embrace;
The one that I cherish;
And the one that I love.

You are my love.
The one that I live for (He).

And so you are 
The one that completes me (she).


Bonded in the audacity of love.
Embraced in the spirit of togetherness. 
Eloped  and rejoiced back from the time capsule.
Floating were they,  in that midwinter mid-night dream. (love)


written for magpietales (magpietales.blogspot)

Embalmed in eternity.

Frost and that 'Chilly' winter has gone.
Trees are soon to be laden with fruits.
Summer has come and the mighty is awake.
Stretching greens shed pearls everywhere.

'King', I am. And I have a pursuit; ' The one so glorious'.
'Ebony', my steed stretches and stretches for a spin.
Address the men; Address the clergy.
Oh they can wait, but not her.

Through the woods and through the greens, I rode.
For our destined meet near that 'Tale Tree'.
'Tale tree, the one that has witnessed love and love so many.
The one that has witnessed war and war so many.'

Resting her 'petitie' frame on that bark,
She was waiting. Love is in her eyes.
And hope is in her heart. 'Princess' of a rivalry, is she.
Our love was never fore-told and never to exist.

We clasped, kissed and loved.
We looked, lived and loved.
Until she took that 'potion';
And embalmed us eternity, forever in those barks.


Inspired by prompt in magpietale…

Singapore – The world is in your plates

Singapore – The world is in your plates Want to rule the world? ; Well rule your plates then!!

Singapore is a land, a land of mixed brew; an amalgam and blend of various ethnicities. This ‘Country’ or the way I prefer to call it, a ‘City’ , with so diverse ethnicity does offer a dozen different cuisines. The food on offer here will melt your tongue with vivid tastes and arouse your taste buds to make you tangle in delicacy. South Indian or North Indian, Indian Muslim cuisine with Arabic touch, the Malaysian shrimps, the Chinese doubled boiled soups, the sea food, jasmine rice of Thai and the add on western food joints; hmm Singapore offers you everything and more.

My first visit to Singapore was on an examination purpose. Since then, I have been there many times and the hospitality and warmth this land offers always made me feel I was just walking in my own neighbourhood. Singapore offers you everything, for an explorer you can explore and can get lost forever. And for a foodie there i…

We wont give it back.

                                We wont give it back.

Born in a country of richness in cultural diversity, I never failed to admire my nation. India, is my country; it is my love, my first, forever and foremost.
It is the birthplace of Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. It hosts Muslims, Jews and parsis. It is a land of many more beliefs and traditions. Well in this land of vast diversity there exists one more religion.
This religion that became popular in ‘1983’, unites the whole country amidst of varied differences; it is called ‘cricket’. Cricket is a religion, a faith in ‘India’. It has its own ‘Gods’ and it spells one ‘Mantra’ – ‘unity’. Any belief which attracts followers and which unites people is a religion; If cricket unites more people than any other belief in ‘ India’ and so I, will even proclaim it as the top most of all beliefs in country.
Ever since ‘India’ baffled ‘West indies’ in 1983 world cup finals to claim its first ever world cup title, cricket has rose among…

"The stalled street and life"

I know this street.
The little crampy one.
Walled off;  now, only by those survivors.
It is long stalled and almost deserted.

I know this street.
The busy and crowded one.
Where decored young maiden giggle all day. 
Where blokes, strong or feeble linger all day just for a gaze.

I know this street.
I walk here suffering grey.
I walk here alone with trembling legs.
I walk here with mirages of faded vision.

I know this street.
We walk through in embrace.
We walk as our skins brush and our lips kiss.
We walk leaving youth and love in air. 

I know this street.
Where'Hellos and Howdys' echoed  shaky.
Where time has taken a leisure break.
Where 'sweetness' and 'oldness are at plenty.

I know this street. 
Where 'Hellos' and 'Howdys' echoed husky. 
Where time has taken a 'Roadster' on to travel. 
Where sweetness is missed and business is kissed. 

I know this street.
Old  as me and cared-less as me.
I lived, loved and cherished here.
I live, survive and wait to perish here.

I kn…