Embalmed in eternity.

Frost and that 'Chilly' winter has gone.
Trees are soon to be laden with fruits.
Summer has come and the mighty is awake.
Stretching greens shed pearls everywhere.

'King', I am. And I have a pursuit; ' The one so glorious'.
'Ebony', my steed stretches and stretches for a spin.
Address the men; Address the clergy.
Oh they can wait, but not her.

Through the woods and through the greens, I rode.
For our destined meet near that 'Tale Tree'.
'Tale tree, the one that has witnessed love and love so many.
The one that has witnessed war and war so many.'

Resting her 'petitie' frame on that bark,
She was waiting. Love is in her eyes.
And hope is in her heart. 'Princess' of a rivalry, is she.
Our love was never fore-told and never to exist.

We clasped, kissed and loved.
We looked, lived and loved.
Until she took that 'potion';
And embalmed us eternity, forever in those barks.


Inspired by prompt in magpietales.
Using the three words - chilly, glorious and petitie as
prompted in threewordwednesday


  1. ooh I love this and the picture of the tree too of course.

  2. How magical..i particularly like the idea of a tale tree

  3. It certainly looks like they are there so she got her wish.


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