"The stalled street and life"

I know this street.
The little crampy one.
Walled off;  now, only by those survivors.
It is long stalled and almost deserted.

I know this street.
The busy and crowded one.
Where decored young maiden giggle all day. 
Where blokes, strong or feeble linger all day just for a gaze.

I know this street.
I walk here suffering grey.
I walk here alone with trembling legs.
I walk here with mirages of faded vision.

I know this street.
We walk through in embrace.
We walk as our skins brush and our lips kiss.
We walk leaving youth and love in air. 

I know this street.
Where'Hellos and Howdys' echoed  shaky.
Where time has taken a leisure break.
Where 'sweetness' and 'oldness are at plenty.

I know this street. 
Where 'Hellos' and 'Howdys' echoed husky. 
Where time has taken a 'Roadster' on to travel. 
Where sweetness is missed and business is kissed. 

I know this street.
Old  as me and cared-less as me.
I lived, loved and cherished here.
I live, survive and wait to perish here.

I know this street.
And I have known it for long now.

Wriiten inspired from image at magpietales


  1. A street where business is kissed.. The PoV is just excellent in this.

  2. An intriguing, and effective, response to the prompt.

  3. Candidly clever, and yet a bit sad in so many ways.

  4. Nicely reminding me of one of my favourite poets: Richard Hugo, who wrote 'Degrees of Gray in Philipsburg'. It has the same feel of commonality and decay.

  5. Lyrical ...enjoyed reading this out loud...

  6. I know this street but it seems sad.


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