We wont give it back.

                                We wont give it back.

Born in a country of richness in cultural diversity, I never failed to admire my nation. India, is my country; it is my love, my first, forever and foremost.

It is the birthplace of Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. It hosts Muslims, Jews and parsis. It is a land of many more beliefs and traditions. Well in this land of vast diversity there exists one more religion.

This religion that became popular in ‘1983’, unites the whole country amidst of varied differences; it is called ‘cricket’. Cricket is a religion, a faith in ‘India’. It has its own ‘Gods’ and it spells one ‘Mantra’ – ‘unity’. Any belief which attracts followers and which unites people is a religion; If cricket unites more people than any other belief in ‘ India’ and so I, will even proclaim it as the top most of all beliefs in country.

Ever since ‘India’ baffled ‘West indies’ in 1983 world cup finals to claim its first ever world cup title, cricket has rose among all other games and has slowly reached the blood and nerve of every ‘ Indian men and women’. Cricket is never a gentleman’s game in ‘India’, it is played by the riches and even the starving. It is played with ruthlessness and with passion in india.

Born in this era of cricketing heights, cricket has been an inseparable part of my life. It is in the breakfast, it is in the lunch and it is in the dinner.

“ Book cricket in class, lobby cricket with paper ball and pad, playground cricket in a ground where there is another least ten matches going on, car-shed cricket with hard balls and rough bats, lonely crickets with wall as partner, terrace cricket with one pitch rules, School cricket, district cricket, street cricket, league cricket and it is cricket everywhere. Cricket cards ,hobby to trade and cricket news, hard-core family discussion to make. Never miss the match and never miss the highlights. We loose and we cry, we win and we celebrate; Cricket stickers in the room, cricket schedule in the cupboards and its cricket everywhere. College and IPL,  a period ‘longed’ back. Cricket has evolved but we love it all whether it is T20, ODI or the Test. Oh! Do you remember The hong kong super sixes’.  Cricket and cricket, we slept with bats and we walked with those round leathers. “

Cricket was played not by a particular class, not by a particular religion, not by a particular age. Cricket in India is unbiased. Though the cricketing committee is biased and though this committee has ruined willingly lives of many professionals. Indians and the believers of ‘Cricket’ were always unbiased. Any sport has the power of unification, the world has believed in sports during tough phases. In India, ‘Cricket’ has stood tall amongst other sports. If the same media attention could been given to every other sport; India will be thriving with success in all sports. Well that’s another thing to discuss.

We had other sporting heroes – ‘ Mahesh Bhupathi, Leander paes’ are few to mention. But cricketers stood apart. It is was ‘ Azhar’ and ‘Sidhu’ as a five year old. Still remember a newspaper quote ‘ Boon is India’s doon’ over ‘David boon’ smashing against India in a test series. It was ‘Sachin’ and ‘Jadeja’ later. Who can forget ‘Jadeja’ and ‘Robin singh’ sweating and fighting hard. Who can forget Kumble’, his ten wicket haul. The stand in Bangalore to win against Australia by ‘Srinath’ and ‘kumble’. The loss against Zimbabwe in 1999 world cup and the rise of three great men of Indian cricket ‘Sourav, Sachin and Rahul’ is all sticking in memory.

Later came the ‘Shewag’ and ‘Yuvaraj’ , both we still die to see in blue shirts. The ‘2002 Natwest’, ‘Sourav’ and his t-shirt who can forget? 2002, Oh, a decade has passed already.

 Many legends, many memories and in came ‘ Mahendra singh dhoni’. Dhoni his hair style, the2007 and T20 world cup!!  ‘ Johit sharma’ and that last over’ can one forget?. Six and six in row by ‘Yuvaraj’, blessed I am. 2011 and that’s the crown, I lived watching India hold that cup.

Cricket, how many memories, how much of smile, laughter, togetherness and emotions. I, we were never tired watching, playing and dreaming. Cricket is our religion and we are fanatics of it.  

2015, India was expected to loose even at group stage. The team is not star-studded and the same suffered one loss to many before the ‘ World cup’. But what to say we have performed well and many who were ordinary suddenly became extra-ordinary.

“Today (24/03/2015) was a semi-final encounter between two great teams, the ‘South Africa’ and ‘New Zealand’.   It was a match that worth it, it was a finish that worth. ‘ IPL’  has seen ‘ Indians’ relate more to South Africans. “ ‘Guptill’ out aganum (guptil should get out)”  was the discussion in tea shop. “New zealand has many alrounders nga”, another bystander. “ ‘Corey anderson’ will hitnga, already he has hit 100 in 40 odd balls.”

And the climax, I was in my hospital, at my workplace. One TV, and few overs of the 43 over match and one hundred eyes watched over it. ‘ Patients and doctors together, staff and attenders together’; they cheered Steyn’s diving stop and shouted at ‘Beherden’s drop catch’ . Eventually our favourites, the SA’S lost.

This is India and the country is preparing for Thursday. ‘India’ versus ‘Australia’, the sick leaves and emergency leaves are set and planned. The house is cleaned and everything is set. This is it and we will defend it. ‘Plans and advices already started, on how to trap ‘Maxwell’ and how to deal ‘Starc’ …hope it reaches MSD and hope it reaches soon.

We are set with fingers crossed. We will roar if we win. We will cry if we lose. But never mind we will be back playing, watching and dreaming. For cricket is our religion and we are fanatics of it.  





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