Living a fantasy

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Living a fantasy......................

'Forbidden', they say.
Yet. I roamed there with naked will.
I, cared less and I broke free.
I, feared none and rather felt safe.
'Forbidden', they say; Yet I felt I am the princess of it.

I bathed; in that brown water all day.
I fancied the melting sweetness.
And let it conquer my soul with ease.
‘I danced and sung’; ‘I relished and cherished’.
Till satiety called it a day.

'Forbidden'; they say.
Yet I am its princess and I rule it.
'You speak of devil", my mom said.
'You are still a kid", my dad said.

And so I kept my kingdom hidden; hidden safely in my dreams.

The fantasies and dreams are haunting.
The fantasies and dreams, never I would have felt.
But for that man, the kind that mirrored a wizard.
And but for his mysterious brown bar.
The one that he called a 'chocolate'.

                        ------------------------------------ x------------------------------

In that corner crook of that broad way alley,
Stood an outlet; so decoyed; tested by time and tale.
The funniest looking old man, I ever had seen; dwelled there.
He, they say came from far and faraway lands.
He, they say has power; the power to 'Bewitch you'.

Some say he was a ‘pirate’ and came ashore defying destiny.
Some say he is a nomad living a life not so worthy.
He had the mysterious items savoured from around the world.
The richer spilled their richness there.
For us, 'the poor'; we called him and those ‘forbidden’.

Mom will say he is a devil and a curse.
Dad will say he is unwanted and will be chased.
But those stand true only for us, ‘the poor’.
He sold things we never knew what!
He sold things that riches bought, never knowing what!

Soon the curfew began.
Whispers and noises spread like waves.
He and his things were the talk in the town.
They spoke of that ‘little brown bar’.
The one that held your tongues and souls as slaves.

I pass that alley and that outlet every day.
Curious; I was to see the man and his decored shop.
The ‘rich little ones’ swarmed him like bees.
They licked and savoured that ‘brown mysterious melting bar’.
And sure they looked bewitched and lost.

And then it happened.
The long haired ‘little rich one’, about half my age,
Galloped as I, watched; with bag full of those ‘brown melting bars’.
She smiled and her tooth were all brown and dark.
'Here', She said; and gave me one of those ‘mysterious bar’.

I grasped but I feared.
I held it safe but felt losing it.
I remembered ' Eve and Satan in disguise'.
What if it was really a Satan and the cursed fruit?
What if it isn't?

I wondered and left my thoughts wander.
But all day I never let my hold of that mysterious bar.
When night and sleep took over; I finally opened the wrap.
The ‘melted brown mystery’ glistened with the ‘mid night stars’.
The scent that came from its hidden secrets made the sleeping trees hustle in awe.

I licked.
I licked and I licked.
I was bewitched there, once and for all.
All night I sat lingering the magic.
All night I sat there relishing the mystery.

They found me in the morning.
And they declared ‘him’ a dark wizard,
The one that steals little souls.
I laughed, for I know the truth.
And the truth is nothing but pure mysterious magic.

                                       -------------------------- x -------------------------------

‘Forbidden’, they say.
‘Forbidden’, for we are the poor.
But I cared less and feared none.
For I am the princess of the one so ‘forbidden’.
And I am the one who rules it.

So I decided to live in dreams.
So I decided to rule in dreams.
But not for long, for time will pass soon.
As I needed a few and just a few more of those pennies.
And soon I will hold back that mysterious bar.


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So here is a the actual story line, as my friend requested to post same. 

There was this little girl who is living in her fantasy. A fantasy world where the sun is made of chocolate, where houses are made of chocolate and even water in which she is made of is chocolate. The girl feels she is the princess and ruler of this fantasy land. 

Then she goes back how those dreams within her started and how these fantasy world came into existence. And so reveals about her village where there is always two classes the rich and the poor; the girl belonging to the poorer section of the village notices a strange shop sprout in the corner of the street separating the riches and poor. This shop is owned by a strange and funny looking man, about whom each own a story. 
The poor section decides this place is forbidden and the man is devil but the gilr being curious enough visits the shop daily and one day eats the most divine thin in her life, 'the chocolate'.  She was entirely lost in that magical taste but she dares note to speak about it to anyone. 

The story draws curtain with the little girl saving money until she can actually taste the chocolate again. Till then she decides to live in dreams of her chocolate and the chocolate filled fantasy world. 

The story aims to speak of a little girls world and the line between rich and poor. 
Hope u enjoyed; now go back and read the lines again. 


  1. Suppose a story is said in the form of poetry. 'Forbidden' 'Dreams' and 'Chocolate' combined well in your poem.


  2. a different take on the prompt, nicely written

    My Blog-A-Ton Entry Raju's Chocolate

  3. Honestly I read it thrice to understand, yet not sure how much I get...But I would say sensuous, harsh, dreamy, sweet...This was the flow of my thoughts while I was reading it...


    P.S. If this is choice then I would live in my dreams forever.


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