The few things you will like if u are a boy/guy/man/old man

0. We are expecting a boy child

Before you are born  people start to ask for you and start to expect for you. And though it is not your mistake opposite gender blames you. 

Oh! doctor can you say if it is blue??

1From birth everyone in family says you are special - But you didn't ask for it.

You are said special but not really considered so.

All those costly jewels goes to your siblings of opposite gender because being a boy you cannot wear one. 

While festivals, your opposite gender gets all funny and hanky dresses. You get nothing but a cotton shirt and plain trouser

2Your dad will expect you to become the first in class/ the first in sports - 

But actually you were best in something else ( If you are best in class/sports - he wants you to become the best in something else.)

Often  you end up wondering can I satisfy him?

3.Your mom likes to boast about you  and whatever she boasts she expects you to uphold the same.

 4.You are always envied by your sister for your parents pet you more (and the reason for that is nowhere you)

5. Finish your schooling and the family expects tradition; they want you to study often what you don't want to study.

6. College - You find professors treating you bad for you tired your own fashion.(Is it wrong just because he doesn't like it?) While the opposite gender can wear three pairs of ear rings, five pairs of bangles, anklets and necklaces. You cant wear or pierce anything. 
        Not allowed

You can't be bald,; you can't grow hair either; you can't pierce your ear; you can't pierce your nose; you can't wear sandals; you can't wear anything shaded; you can't wear anything colored. 


7. Finish college and search for Job - Hmm gender bias peaks to extremes there.

 You cant be receptionist. You cant be a anchor/ video/ radio jockey (least you are least preferred). Unless you are skilled professionals, most of the jobs you are second lined. 

8.  In the job; again gender differences always show up. Sometimes you may wonder if you can grow hair and wear a saree. 

9. You find a girl, or a girl finds you - whether its your love/ girl friend or wife. 

They expect you a lot. 

They want you to earn good. They want you to look good. They want you to take good care of them. They want you to be gentleman and yet a little rogue. They want you to beared but not too beared; they want you to be shaved but not clean shaved. 

Most of  the you never expect anything from the opposite; least you never expect them to take care of us :)

10. Personal problems are never to be your genre. 

Grow a family, then you are everything. Whatever it is you need to run and take care of the entire buisness. Your personal problems you can share but your personal problems you can potray. 

11. The important of all - you can never cry. 

Whatever you face you can never cry. Not before your friends, not before your family, not before your spouse and most importantly never before your kids. 

For you are a man and you are meant not to have emotions and you can never cry. 

" I need a hug and I need to cry badly; can I?"

Written entirely on a funny note; not to be gender biased in any way. If you feel so; I am sorry, now don't hit on me. If you like it though share it : ) : 0

And this gender bias society which suppresses  men portrays 'MEN' as suppressors. 


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