"The one"

The one who holds and caresses you.
The one who embraces you.
The one who walks with you.
The one who remembers you.
The one who is always there for you.
The one who cherishes with you.

The one that enjoys your happiness.
The one that relives your sadness.
The one that questions you but never isolates you.
The one that shares your silence.
The one that pats your back and pouts for that step forward.
The one that makes you achieves more. 
The one that totally knows you.
The one that knows your double face, hidden secrets and darkest fantasies.
The one that shares your likes, taste and passion.
The one that believes your belief.
The one that shares you anger.
The one that faces your problems

The one that loves you but never cares to say so.
The one that you never cared to ask, "Be there".
The one that you have given yourself the least care.
The one that you never even glanced
The one that you never worried of.
The one that is 'you'.

That one is not your love of heart, your mom or dad.
That one is not your best mate.
That one is but 'you' and 'your inner self'. 
Believe in that one a step more than anyone.
Care and love about 'that one' an inch more.
And that one will lead you a eloquent life. 

If you find 'the other one' like 'the one'
Hold on to them and never dare to leave them. 

Used three words pout, glance and caress prompted at threewordwednesday



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