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Freedom, suthanthiram, azadi and svatantrata are all beliefs. When this belief is believed firmly, the belief grows. when the belief grows stronger inside, it sows seeds and spreads. Soon it bursts out. It bursts out as a cause and it bursts out as a revolution.

Freedom can be from inner self, for an individual or for a whole community. When a whole country fights and seeks the sowed thought of freedom, it becomes priceless and is celebrated. We celebrate 68 years of ' Indian Independence' and are steeping into to 69th year.

Independence? freedom? Azadi? does these words mean really? Have we really reached Independence? Have we really felt the thought of freedom?

Well if mere overthrow of foreign rule is called Independence then India has sought and lost Independence 2 times before 1947.

India, as a country and by the name, came into existence from 1858. It was at this time the Queen of England became the direct ruler of the region held by 'East Indian Company'.

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Break up dialogues

The famous dialogues of break up

 "The classic soul breakers"

1. You deserve better!!

 This is the most easiest and common escape route. It is meant to say, 'I do care about you.'

'If everyone says, I deserve better then who shall stand up for me?'

2. I love you; but my parents will never agree !!

One of the most spineless reasons that you could end up hearing.

'Blame the situation; Blame the parents.It is affordable in INDIA'

3. You and me are not meant to be together.

 'Destiny decide against us; not me, no never !!'

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4. You are good, and I will never get a good person like you. But I cant stay with you.

Excuse me I am still available and sitting right before you.

5. What can I do? I really don't want to leave you. I never wanted to hurt you this way. 

Believe; if one does not want to hurt you, they wont hurt you.

Yeah, I never wanted to leave you; but I got my exam tomorrow, and I should leave. 

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