MEN VERSUS WOMEN PART 3               

               THE ROARING MALE EGO

Men are men; no matter what. Though the society has changed, and both men and women have adopted and grown, the differences between men and women will always exist, and are always unique.

So here is a list of some things where a man and his 'man ego' sprouts, no matter what.

1. When a girl outruns him on a track.


I have been working out so hard and she runs faster than me. 😭😭

Well a girl can be the topper in class; doesn't matter. Girls are the nerdy studious typos anyway. But how can she win a race with me??

If she is my sister, hmm still Not justified.

2. When a scooty zips faster than his decored sports bike 


She might be late for work and rushing, but why do I care? Before next signal comes, i will overtake her again?

Scooty is ok, but if she drives a gear bike say a bullet ?

3. When she is educated and talented more!!

                 image source 
Oh she is M.E; she won't suit me. I don't want to marry her.  All these M.E girls have attitude. (And who says so? Because I say so and why? Because I am B.E and I suck in life.)

Talent is ok ,and knowledge is ok, but not to the outside world, no definitely no.

4. When his wife earns more than him? 


Oh, my wife is great she earns and supports my family. ( As long she earns least a penny less than me)

She can earn but she should give it to me, and she shouldn't open her mouth regarding same.

Once she earns more than him, "Who asks her to work? Why she can't sit at home and take care of the kids?"

5. Been to a discotheque ?


Dance!!; See, I can't dance, and so definitely you can't dance as well.

Nope, marriage party are not an exception too.


6. Funnier it gets


Cricket, bikes, cars and gadgets are my area.
You are not allowed to know or speak about it more.
Why can't u watch cookery shows?

                                                               Well man and His man-ego 



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