Men versus women (part 4) - What women want?

                                                WHAT WOMEN WANT?

                                                    (The ‘Do’s’ and ‘Don’ts’ for men)

                                                       Men versus women Part 4

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Men and women are too complex and are often difficult to understand. They both are like different species, and are vividly different. So is it possible to completely understand each other? Rather than trying to find answers for that question, we should find a way to try and understand each other. So being in a relationship, what little gestures 'women' expect from 'men'?



1.     Comical / naughty / gentleman? 

‘Girls’ - ‘women’ are complex in thoughts and are even confused beings at most times. They are attracted to naughtiness and sheer innocence. Be naughty and comical but don’t overdo it. Make sure you react sensible to sensible issues, and show you 'gentleman' nature to her boldly.

'Girls’, can be attracted to boyish, roughish and naughty-care-free attitude. But a ‘woman’ will always look for the gentleman side of yours’, and for a long term relationship, sensible guys will always score. Most of them can pick up when you are flirting with them, so better avoid it, least in first instance. Being with a girl, the best you can be is being ‘You’. And yeah don't forget to compliment her. Who doesn't like compliments?

2.     Are you a good listener ??

When being with a girl, make sure you are a good listener. Be it your mom, sister, girlfriend or wife, the universal law is women love to speak. All those that seem to be petty for you will be the most important thing for them.

“Today, I made dosas myself.” “Today, my mom and I had a fight regarding Diwali dress.”

Buying ready-made batter and making dosas is not rocket science, but still make sure you appreciate her. Having a fight with ‘mom’ over one new dress is not worthy to be discussed for half hour, but do it. Understand, she waits and talks to vent out all this to you.  The same applies for your ‘mom’ ‘sister’ and even your ‘grandmother’.  Decision and conclusions are not mostly expected; just give them the comfort that you are there. Yeah, it is difficult for you in your busy schedule to hear all the petty things they say. But if you value them then there is no choice but to do it.

3.     Offer your hand

When you go out on shopping with ‘her’, always offer hand to carry her luggage. Although some ‘women’ differ here, they will least understand, that you care.

4.     Being a gentleman

Make sure you open the doors for all your women. Be it your ‘mom’ or ‘wife’ or ‘friend’, make sure you open the door for them while walking in or walking out.  

5. Drop her back

Always be a gentleman and make sure you drop her back home. Leaving halfway, and letting her make her own arrangements is bad.

 6. Talk and laugh

Be it about travel, be it  about subject, be it about news, be it arts or whatever, find a common platform for discussion; argue and fight on it, but at the end, learn to let go and accept each other. Be sure you laugh together and complement each other. Laughing together is the essential part of any relationship. If that doesn’t happen then there is something wrong.

                                                DON’T’ S
1. Don't dare looking at other girl.

Looking at another girl, talking about some other girl to her, is not the right thing to do. Even if your eye turns towards the side of another girl, she will definitely notice it.

2. Negative comments - never do that!!

If you wish to say something genuine, say it in a way it doesn’t make her feel bad.

“That pink dress will suit you better rather than this one” is better than “This dress is a crap, change it. “  
It It is always the ‘heated talk’ that matters, when the same is conveyed after hours it will be reciprocated better.


3. Don't over do self-boasting or self -loathing.

Self-pitying will help to get her attention, but if you overdo, the same will become an aversion. Any ‘girl’ likes her ‘guy’ to be confident and achieving, so self- boasting is good.  But never take it to a level where it becomes. “See I have achieved this, have you achieved any?”

4. Money and sophistication won't win her heart.

Only plastic relations can be bought with money. True bond can only develop over trust and love.
 “I earn and give you all that you need, what more should I do?, is not the right attitude.


5. Don't run ahead.

When walking around or shopping. Make sure you walk with her and along-side her. Walking 30 feet ahead of her as if you least bother is an attitude that badly need to be changed. Walking alongside her will make her feel secure and it will build a long term relationship.

Life is companionship, winning together is called, 'victory'. When you want to race ahead alone, you will end up losing always.

6.     Come over you teen age’

Learn this. 

“Girls like travelling, girls will love long rides in cars and bikes”,  least most will do. But rash driving and racing in streets, they don’t like. Come over the belief that you can impress a girl by racing in streets, majority of them hate reckless driving.

These are only some ‘Do’s and Some ‘Don’ts’. Enjoy life, respect your fellow being and have a joyful life.

                 Wait for‘ What men wants?’ until tomorrow.



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