Puberty - SHE

                                         Puberty - SHE

I am fourteen; I believed I am a kid.
But they said, ‘Not anymore’.
Dressed up I am, for this function on stage. ...
Oh it’s not my birthday; it’s just that I am sick!
All this change, I fail to understand.
I speak not about it! For I am sick.
By chest grows bigger and they choose what I wear.
What is this sickness? Soon, I may die!
Every month sickness comes and gives pain so terrible.
Every month I bleed; they say it’s normal.
They can’t understand; I may die soon.
Oh, it is difficult and I face it alone.
Speak not to them; now you are different.
Speak not to them; they are always different.
‘Why you avoid?, with innocence, he asks?
I carry sickness and I may be contagious; can I tell?
It is ok now; I understood better.
It took me time and time to realise;
It’s not sickness; it’s just part of me.
I accept it; I feel no sickness, not anymore.
It skipped; then I fear, I am pregnant.
Who taught me so? I never knew.
What causes pregnancy? I never knew.
I had my theories and I believed so.
I am fourteen; I am grown.
Shirtless days are no-more there.
Be it a brother or be it dad, I keep away.
For I am fourteen and I am a girl.

(The crawler, Emotion 8, Puberty)
- ( TheCritics)

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