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'O' ‘’e‘my fellow Indians.
Behold and rise.
For it is the time to change.

Cast and religion,
Discrimination and discrepancy,
Enough it is; for they did enough

‘O ‘’e‘my friends,
Be bold and question!
For, if not now, never will it end.

Give them back their answer,
Be it an elder or the eldest.
Give them back the answer that ‘you’ ‘we’ are nothing but ‘humans’.

‘O ‘’e‘my sisters,
Show them the courage and show them your strength,
Rise for your ‘Heart’, for that is just and right to do.

“Touch my grains but not dine with me!”
“Study and work together; care for each other”, but not marry each other!
Ought to be changed is their mind-set, not your heart and definitely not your soul.

'O’'e‘my brothers,
Feed your fire, let it burn long and strong.
Let it burn that caste, and let it burn that religion.

‘Humanity’, be it the one religion that exist.
‘Nationalism’, be it that one fanatic caste that exist.
 Let us be the followers of ‘Love’…