Happy new year

               Happy new year 

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The euphoric celebrations or the silent cuddles,
The countless expectations or the simple acceptance,
The happiness shared or the kindness received,
The elated ecstasy or the boring loneliness,
The feel of love or the sour of hatred,
The joy of life or the pain of death,
The emotions felt differ in ways.
Some felt lonely while some felt the most content!
Some cried alone while some laughed together!
Some traveled while some worked their shifts!
Some lives crossed while some parted their ways!
Some dreamt future while some lived in past!
Some created stories while some shared stories,
The thoughts and mood differed in ways too.
To call it a daily happening or to take it an elusive moment,
To celebrate it or to shy away is for you to decide.
But whatever the past might be,
However heavy the bundles you carry,
Learn and grow; smile and live.
For life itself is a celebration. And why not celebrate it,
When all you have is but one?
....................... Thecritics


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